Celebrating Our 8th Anniversary With Insights From Our Team

Celebrating Our 8th Anniversary With Insights From Our Team

As we approach our 8th Birthday celebration, we would like to thank the 550 clients that we have worked with across the UK. And to do that, we wanted to highlight just some of the Hunter Adams team that have driven the growth of both our company, and the success of our clients. So eight people from across the business were set eight questions to find out more about their work, and the range of great personalities that continue to build Hunter Adams.

Our 8th Anniversary: Team Insights

1. What stands out from your time as a new starter at Hunter Adams?

“The passion and enthusiasm within the business to always do what is best for our clients.” (LW)

“The team were extremely welcoming, and I was able to get involved with client work immediately” (FS)

“The family culture at HA, and how helpful everyone was when I started” (RD)

“I started the business as a solo endeavour for work-life balance. Having built a first-class team and created hundreds of jobs, what a waste that would have been.” (DH)


2. What do you enjoy most about your current role?

“I enjoy the variety of both our clients and their approaches to HR. Each company manages their HR strategy differently, but they’re all effective.”(EF)

The team here are great. And the type of work is different to the standard HR type tasks, so it’s good to do something so positive.” (AS)

I love working with SME companies and supporting their scale ups. The variety of people and personalities makes my job interesting every day” (DH)

“Being able to gain direct contact and experience with Business owners and leaders and assist them in shaping their business at what is often a critical time for them.” (FS)


3. Which is the best client or project you’ve been involved with so far?

“My current role at Mintra Group. We’re currently looking to develop our “one team culture” after an integration process.” (AS)

“In terms of gaining satisfaction from projects or assignments, working as an interim for Leonard Cheshire and working with Blackcircles.com as they have grown considerably over the past few years.”(FS)

Very soon after joining Hunter Adams we partnered with a new client that needed some critical support. The team were able to pair the right consultant with the organisation for the project at every step of the way and reacted quickly.”(LW)


4. What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned during your time at Hunter Adams?

“That HR doesn’t need to be viewed as a blocker.  By delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions, HR can foster strong relationships with management and be a true business partner” (LD)

Expect the unexpected, you never know what the next phone call will be!” (EF)

The direct impact that culture has on bottom line profitability” (DH)


5. How do you relax away from work?

Vintage records is fast becoming a new hobby so if I am not playing golf or walking the dog then I am most likely drinking whisky and listening to some classic vinyl” (RY)

Spending time outdoors and trying to master my new hobby, Stand Up Paddle Boarding” (LW)

I play the piano, I tap dance, I (sometimes) go to the gym, I act as a taxi service for my 15 year old and I like to hug my dog!” (AS)


6. Who would play you in a film of your life?

“I would choose someone super sexy, such as Charlize Theron but it would probably be more like Dawn French.” (AS)

Tom Cruise; he’s my height and I’d like to see myself actually enjoy running.” (FS)

Renee Zellweger – Bridget Jones and I have lots in common…” (LW)


7. If you could gain a superpower or skill, what would you choose?

“I think it would be great to be invisible- it would be helpful for the job to know what’s really going on.” (EF)

To fly…  and beat the traffic every morning” (LW)

Definitely mind reader…” (AS)


8. What are your favourite memories and events from the last eight years?

“The birth of my son Ethan in 2016, closely followed by my wedding day and Hearts beating Hibs 5-1 in the Scottish Cup Final, both in 2012.” (FS)

“Mostly the social stuff with the team, I love these guys. Whether its Kayaking for Charity or drinks in the office for no reason, they are a solid bunch who look after and help each other. And the absence of politics and bureaucracy is really refreshing” (DH)

“The births of my 2 sons, getting married, and of course, joining Hunter Adams!” (LD)


At Hunter Adams, we always believe in being cost-effective and getting the most value. So in addition to the eight questions, we also asked for some predictions about how our team see the company developing over the next eight years, and into the future. And if you’d like to be part of that story, please contact us to find out more. Whether that’s how our range of HR support and services can help your business, or if you’re a HR professional looking to take on a new adventure as part of the Hunter Adams team or with one of our wide range of clients across the UK.


Predicting the future for Hunter Adams:

I am the worst career planner, but I see Hunter Adams going from strength to strength, year on year, and I intend to stay on that journey with the Company, wherever that may take me. (FS)

I expect to see Hunter Adams continuing to grow. And moving into new markets, or possibly new regions. Hopefully I will be there continuing to learn and grow with them.  (RY)

My wish is that Hunter Adams will be around longer than I will. We want to create a legacy –one that spreads the gospel that HR can have an incredible impact on organisational growth and bottom line profitability. (DH)