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We work hard to keep our clients up-to-date with recent changes. Our HR experts have over 500 combined years of experience covering all aspects of HR. We stimulate discussion through our thought provoking leadership and culture articles.

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What Does GDPR Mean for HR?

In just a couple of months’ time, on May 25th 2018, the EU will implement its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), governing the way […]

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Building a Business from Scratch: Things to Consider

If you think you have what it takes to start a business and build it from the ground up, then there are lots of […]

company culture

How to Fix a Poor Company Culture

A company’s culture can make or break the enterprise. The perception of your brand and business is everything – without a good reputation, few […]


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How HR Consultants can Reduce your Outgoings

Working with a HR consultancy firm has a long list of benefits: compliance, brand reputation and time saving to name a few. But one […]

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What Slows Down a Company’s Growth?

Growth is essential for success, yet many businesses face a number of obstacles on the road to expansion. If you company isn’t growing as […]

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How Interim HR can save you Time and Money

An interim HR professional can be hired to manage a temporary project, plug a skills gap in the management team or resolve an issue. […]

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4 Reasons you should be Promoting Digital HR

Digital HR is the latest trend, but that isn’t the only reason why you should be moving towards it. A digital approach to HR […]

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How can a Digital Approach to HR Improve Business Operations?

What happens when the HR function needs to go digital, but doesn’t have the resources to do so? The HR department needs to make […]

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Why HR is Intrinsic to Company Growth

Organisations thrive on their talent, and nurturing it is as important for the bottom line as securing big clients. Here’s how a great HR team can drive profit and push company growth.

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Digital HR: The Future of the Industry

The umbrella term “digital HR” encompasses a wide range of transformative elements, and refers to more than simply digitising work processes and using more software.

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How HR Strategy can Make Your Company More Efficient and Profitable

Real leaders understand the impact that sound values can have on the company, and can also correlate great cultures with increases to bottom line profitability.

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Where Businesses Lose the Most Money

Running a business in this unpredictable economic climate is challenging to say the least. Keeping customers happy while balancing the books is a trick […]

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How to Boost Engagement with Little Investment

Increasing employee engagement is a priority for many companies – at least it should be. An engaged workforce is more productive, more effective at […]

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How to Improve Engagement by Summer

Workforce engagement isn’t usually high up on the priority list – but it should be if you want to save money and increase profit […]

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What is Commercial HR?

Looking around at the Hunter Adams website, you may notice that we use the term ‘Commercial HR’ meaning HR services with a commercial approach. […]

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How HR is Related to Organisational Development

Organisational development is essentially about people, which is why it works so closely alongside the HR part of the business.

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What you Need to Know when Setting up a Company

Every business relies on its staff to succeed, so it’s important to get it right from day one.

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Hunter Adams – Redefining HR

We are #redefining HR

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Why you Should use HR People to Hire HR People

Many forms of hiring are delivered by generalist recruiters, and although they often do a good job they usually don’t have a background in HR.

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What Makes a Great Leader?

As a business owner, being an effective and inspiring leader is essential – but you also need to commit to creating great leaders within […]

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Raising the Profile of HR: 3 Benefits of Refocusing Your HR Operations to the Business

Many HR people suggest that they are not there as a support function – which is incorrect. You have to get the basic fundamentals […]

Image of HR workers

4 Signs you need to Outsource/Insource your HR Function

Many people underestimate the importance of an efficient HR function. If you don’t have sufficient HR services, your business could be missing out on […]

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How to Maximise Employee Value

There are many proven ways to maximise the value of your workforce, and it all comes down to the fundamentals of HR.

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How Executive Coaching can take your Company to the Next Level

Here are a few examples of how executive coaching programmes can be applied to business situations or employee development.

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3 Reasons to Conduct a HR Audit

Here are three main reasons why you should consider a HR audit.

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Employment Law Changes in 2017 HR Professionals Should Be Aware of

We’ve rounded up some of the major modifications which HR professionals should be aware of during the year ahead.

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How to Implement a Strategy for Business Growth in 2017

There are general tips which can make sure a growth strategy is strong and robust, to make 2017 your year.

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5 Reasons Why HR is Not Just for Big Companies

Here are five reasons why HR is for all organisations, not just the big players.

photo of a leader speaking to audience

The Fundamentals of Leadership

There are different approaches to leadership and styles of leadership, but all of them must include the fundamentals to be effective.

Image of Employee Engagement

What are the Cost Related Benefits of Increasing Engagement?

Employee engagement is a fairly broad term, so how can it be defined?

Who we are

Building an Attractive Company Culture

What are the specific benefits of creating an attractive company culture?

Hunter Adams

HR Basics for Start-ups

Here are some of the basics, straight from the experts.

Human Resources Team making a note

3 Signs You may Need to Downsize your Company

Business needs change, which means a company’s labour force needs to also adapt with it.


5 Reasons to Hire Interim HR

Take a look at some of the reasons why hiring an interim is the perfect solution.

How we work

Series: Six Fundamentals of Fast Growth (6)

Ensuring you Have a Clear Business Strategy with Action Plan

an image of two women with smiling faces in a meeting

Series: Six Fundamentals of Fast Growth (5)

Ensuring Your Team is Engaged – ‘Removing the Cost of Disengagement’

HR Person in a meeting

Series: Six Fundamentals of Fast Growth (4)

Ensuring your Leadership Team is Engaged -“Removing the Elephants”

Human Resources Team making a note

Series: Six Fundamentals of Fast Growth (3)

Clear Roles and Responsibilities: Possibly one of the Biggest Blockers!

Human resources lady in a meeting

Series: Six Fundamentals of Fast Growth (2)

The Right ‘Operating Model’ The Science Bit

HR Team smiling

Series: Six Fundamentals of Fast Growth (1)

Six Fundamentals of Fast Growth

an image of a Finance and HR Team meeting

Finance and HR: A Marriage Made in Heaven?

How can Engaged staff help to increase your profit?

Human Resources Team making a note

Where will you be when the tide turns?

So where will you be when the tide turns?

Our 2016 UK Strategy

Our Strategy for 2016 is to be available to you regardless of your location in the UK; to help you resolve your people challenges.

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Growing Your Bottom Line in Recession

As business leaders we need to engage ourselves better to lead in bad times and not just good ones.

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// 7 of 7: Edging Ahead

A game-changing development programme aimed at existing and emerging managers who want to go from good to excellent.

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// 6 of 7: Shift Happens

Client’s needs change, customer behaviour changes, markets move. You respond by releasing upgrades, new products and services, and restructuring to keep ahead.

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// 5 of 7: The Right Recipe

Gaining and giving even more than before. You know that there are both commercial and career benefits to having the right culture.

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// 4 of 7: Face It

You want to create a culture where people know how well they are performing and understand the impact of their performance on team goals.

group of people on mountain top

// 3 of 7: The Clear Path Forward

You want your team engaged. Because you know that’s when they start to deliver at their best.

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// 2 of 7: It Starts With You

Being the best leader you can be needs to start with a solid understanding of yourself.

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