Hunter Adams Sponsors New Award Category at The Cherries

Hunter Adams is delighted to be supporting this year’s Cherries Awards, the awards recognising excellence in the fields of human resources, training and recruitment.

As part of our support, we are sponsoring an exciting new award category for this year, Culture Transformation Project of the Year.

Hunter Adams Managing Director, Jennifer Marnoch, said:

Workplace culture and employee engagement are at the heart of everything we do at Hunter Adams so this category is definitely one that was close to our hearts. We can’t wait to see what inroads have been made by companies in this area in recent years as culture and engagement have become even more business-critical.”

Workplace culture has evolved rapidly in recent years, with HR teams at the forefront of adapting to, supporting and advancing these changes.

For this category, the judges are keen to hear from teams who have undergone or are currently undergoing, a culture transformation within their organisation, and the benefits this has delivered for both employees and the business. Nominees should be able to demonstrate how the team created and initiated the culture transformation project and provide evidence of impact.

Specifically, judges will be looking for:

  • The challenge and/or change facing the organisation that led to the initiation of the transformation
  • Full details of the culture transformation that the team has introduced within their organisation
  • Evidence of the transformation project benefits both employees and the organisation, this can include newly launched or transformation initiatives in their infancy but with early positive results

We invite any HR team in Scotland who feel they have transformed their culture in some way, particularly if they feel the transformation has been in any way innovative, to nominate themselves for this award.

Jennifer continued:

“We wish all nominees both in this category and in the others the very best of luck, and we look forward to celebrating with you all on the evening.”