Improving your HR Services

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Whether you are the most senior HR person in the company looking for support to raise the delivery of your HR function or an owner / manager of a business who wants to further develop your HR service, we can help. 

There are various reasons why clients need our help. Ultimately there is a link to growing the business and ensuring that you can attract and retain the right people in your business.

HR Services

As we provide all HR ‘under one roof’, we can help you ensure that your HR function is ‘fit for purpose’ and delivers what you need it to.

HR is such a broad spectrum that no one HR professional can deliver everything you need. So let us help address the skills gaps, so your business gets the HR service that it deserves.

Where you require us to build your ideal HR team, our recruitment specialists have a pipeline of hundreds of HR people across Scotland that we have met with and interviewed.

So we wouldn’t take long to find the perfect staff member to join you for the long term on your journey.

Support and Lead Corporate Culture Initiatives

We support and lead corporate culture initiatives enabling organisations to attract and retain the best talent.

Strategic HR is key to employee retention and having an engaged workforce. Having an engaged workforce ensures that you keep hold of your staff and equally important – your customers. We can help you to develop clear people strategies to ensure that you attract and retain the best.

Design, lead and deliver HR reporting, including developing metrics

To ensure that the business is operating to its maximum potential we can put in place clear measures to identify your current performance as an employer. These metrics are also useful to identify potential areas of focus for your People Strategy and also to help us identify where we can save you money.

Many companies fail to measure how effective they are in attracting staff and to address that strategically; instead recruitment becomes a day-to-day headache. Often companies are focusing on the wrong thing.

It’s usually a culture issue and not a recruitment challenge. With the right culture you should have a waiting list of people who want to work for you not a vacancy list as long as your arm, this is where we come in. We have taken companies to the Times Top 100 list (some having had as much as 50% staff turnover). We can truly help you transform your culture.

For more information on any of our HR services and how we could help your business, please get in touch.