How can a Digital Approach to HR Improve Business Operations?

digital approach to HR, Business Operations

What happens when the HR function needs to go digital, but doesn’t have the resources to do so? The HR department needs to make the business case for investing in new digital solutions and strategies. There may be roadblocks to overcome, such as a lack of resources and skills, and of course finding the needed capital to invest in digital HR. However, companies which do choose to invest and introduce a digital approach to HR can reap the benefits.

All other parts of the business are “going digital”; you’ll probably find you’re now working in a paperless office or note that new software is being installed throughout the organisation. If your employees are working in a digital workplace then you need to keep up. Here are just some of the ways in which digital HR can work with the company goals and improve business.

Streamline processes

Introducing digital software can help to streamline processes and make the business run more efficiently. The benefits stretch much further than the HR function; if HR is more effective at managing talent and increasing engagement, for example, this can reduce absenteeism and eventually make a difference to the bottom line. Why not review your HR function for effectiveness and see how implementing digital practices could make a difference.

Digital talent platforms

Attracting and retaining talent remains one of the most difficult parts of the job for HR. Online career platforms are widely in use and whatever you think of them, they now play a big part in recruitment. Embrace this digital approach and you can actually save on recruitment costs – another bonus for the business.

Improve skills training

Most companies will now have some form of e-learning, but using the full extent of digital forms of training can really improve the skills trajectory. Many digital age learners will respond well to this type of education, and those who are not so comfortable with technology need to adapt to stay competitive. HR can use software to create digital learning profiles and offer new opportunities for employees who want to extend their skillset and climb up the career ladder. Video content can also be used to improve knowledge – if the company is curating videos for customers on social media, why isn’t HR doing the same to communicate with the workforce?

In a digital age, it make sense to connect with employees on a digital level. Investing in digital HR should be a priority, as it has the potential to increase profits and improve the effectiveness of the business operations.

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