4 Reasons you should be Promoting Digital HR

promoting digital HR

Digital HR is the latest trend, but that isn’t the only reason why you should be moving towards it. A digital approach to HR can improve communication between the company and its employees, provide useful data insights to improve strategy and promote cross-department collaboration. If HR managers aren’t pushing towards the future of HR, then they will soon get left behind the other companies which have their finger on the digital pulse.

If you’re still wondering why digital HR is the future, read on for the four top reasons why every HR department should be promoting digital HR.

1. Your workforce is becoming increasingly digital in nature.

We’re not just referring to millennials and generation Z who love their social media accounts – almost all workers will be digital workers in some way. If an employee relies on the internet to do their job properly, or works remotely, then they are part of a digital workforce. HR professionals need to realise the importance of the digital workplace in additional to the physical workplace. If your workers are already digital then the HR function should be too.

2. Your employees are as important as your customers (if not more).

Think about the many ways in which a company connects with its customers or clients – many of them are digital, from a tweet to an email. If customers have a comment or problem then they can reach someone directly to help them, usually a customer services department. HR need to have the instant responses for employees in the same way customers can enjoy from customer services.

3. Personalisation can make staff feel valued.

Nobody likes receiving generic mail. The digital age is making personalisation more common, and it’s time that HR evolved and caught up. Not only should all communications be personalised with names, to make employees feel noticed and appreciated, but you should communicate in their preferred way. Ask individuals how they would most like to be contacted from HR, and save their preferences. If people prefer an in-house chat system or a phone call, they are more likely to respond when contacted in their chosen way.

4. Improve the employee experience.

HR leaders have been talking for a while about the “employee experience” and how critical it is to retaining talent. Creating a company culture which works like a community and appreciates the workforce is really vital, and technology can play an increasingly important part in that. Digital tools and strategies can help employees do their job better and keep them engaged, which is good news for everyone. With a digital focus, the HR function can actively improve the employee experience.

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