Digital HR: The Future of the Industry

future of digital HR, Resourcing Advisor

Digital HR is somewhat of a buzzword at the moment. The future of everything is digital, and human resources is no exception. But just what does “digital HR” refer to and how is it shaping the HR revolution?

The future is digital

We live in an era of change, the age of digital disruption. Digital technologies are changing our lives and the way we work, opening up new opportunities for collaboration. The workplace is becoming more digital on a daily basis, and without a new type of digitised HR the industry will become disconnected and get left behind. With new work processes and technology being introduced regularly, it was only a matter of time before digital strategies started trending.

What is digital HR?

The umbrella term “digital HR” encompasses a wide range of transformative elements, and refers to more than simply digitising work processes and using more software. All aspects of tech can be used to improve HR – automation, analytics, cloud storage, social. Whenever a ‘type’ of HR is discussed, (commercial HR, organisational HR) the term used refers to an approach; so this is a digital approach to HR. Rather than just integrating new technologies and claiming the HR department has gone digital, it is about how new HR systems can improve communication and workflow, to create a new stage of HR.

The benefits of digital – and why you should be using it

Digital HR takes advantage of modern technology to maximise the opportunities available. Ultimately, it can be used to improve the overall employee experience which leads to higher engagement and drives company growth.

  • Simplifies processes

HR have to deal with a lot of mandatory processes, which can become very time consuming. Simplifying these compulsory work processes has advantages for both HR and employees. When HR is more efficient, the rest of the business is more efficient. By taking a digital approach, you can bring HR closer to the business and align with the rest of the management teams.

  • Connected workforce

A strong workforce is a connected one. How can HR engage fully with an increasingly digital staff collective? Using digital HR can help you harness the relationships between employer and employee and improve the overall employee experience. Staff probably use digital tools to connect with customers, so why aren’t businesses using them to connect with their staff? It’s time for HR to start applying these social techniques to the workforce.

  • Use insights to improve HR strategy

By integrating modern technology, HR will be able to view real time data about employees and talent which can drive the ongoing strategy. Take advantage of these meaningful insights so you achieve your goals and even predict and prepare for future events.

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