How to improve staff engagement by summer

Workforce engagement isn’t usually high up on the priority list – but it should be if you want to save money and increase profit margins. The cost of disengagement should not be overlooked, as disengagement leads to a loss in productivity and a reduced bottom line.

Research has suggested that 83% of UK employees admit to being actively disengaged or not engaged at work. Only 17% would describe themselves as engaged – so what are businesses doing wrong?

The main issue is that employee engagement has been neglected for too long. Companies need to have a constant focus on culture and engagement to get the best out of the workforce, whether they have a dedicated HR team or outsource their culture setting processes.

Despite the importance of engagement, you don’t have to invest a huge chunk of money into culture. Increasing employee engagement and productivity is an ongoing process, and HR strategies should be reviewed and updated regularly. However there are some quick fixes to get you started. If you’re determined to improve engagement, reduce turnover and increase your bottom line this summer, read on for some top tips.

Implement a strategy

If you’re not really sure where to start when it comes to an engagement strategy, then you should find HR consulting services with a proven record in culture and engagement. As experts in engagement, they will be able to pinpoint your company’s main problems and suggest ways to tackle them.

Introduce an open door policy

For staff to feel valued, they need to have their voices heard. Managers should make it clear that employees are welcome to discuss any issues or opinions they have about work or otherwise. You want staff to feel comfortable sharing their views with people who could make a difference and improve their working day. Listening is fine, but action speaks louder than words and will work to retain staff and keep them productive.

Encourage further training and progression

Most people feel disengaged at work because they feel like there is nothing left to work towards and their career has halted. By investing in training and development opportunities for the workforce, staff feel appreciated and in control of their career aspirations. From leadership development and conflict management to private coaching sessions; there’s always a next level. Make sure the training has sound take-aways and can impact the organisation in a positive way.

Offer health and wellbeing packages

If you want employees to be productive and positive at work, then their health and wellbeing needs to be taken care of. Wellness is important for any type of job, but physical health, stress and other factors can all have an impact on performance. Encourage a healthy lifestyle and an open attitude to mental health.

If you’re serious about improving engagement, contact the team at Hunter Adams to see where we could help – or contact your local office.