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How to grow your company (OD, M&A, Strategy etc)

In order to grow your business certain fundamentals need to be in place.

By dealing with these proactively we can prevent draining management time. We can take these time pressures away leaving you to focus on growing the business.

A small investment in time to put the building blocks in place means that many of the problems which arise time and time again can be ‘planned’ out of the system.

Designing job descriptions and roles & responsibilities

Very little time and attention tends to be paid to job descriptions in an organisation. The absence of clear roles and responsibilities tends to lead to confusion and conflict. This simply acts as a barrier to growth as operational issues repeatedly arise time and time again.

Often leaders are frustrated with the lack of accountability that their line managers take on board. If clear job descriptions are in place then an individual’s performance is a lot easier to assess and manage.

This service can be provided for individual roles, new positions in the company or through facilitation for teams and groups. Never underestimate the damage you can do to your business when people have a lack of formal understanding of what they need to deliver.

Organisational design and change management

Deliver leadership team restructures

Advise and deliver business, leadership team and functional restructures

A growing company needs to review their organisational structure at least every 18 months (dependent on the levels of growth). At each stage of the company’s development there’s a risk of hitting ‘walls’. These are often caused by having insufficient skills in the team to deliver the growth plans in place. This isn’t rocket science but there is some level of science in designing the right organisational structure.

Our Organisational Design (OD) experts will work to understand the company’s operating model; what is the flow of work through the business and by running diagnostics will understand how the businesses challenges can be addressed through a re-design of the company structure. As this is often just dealt with in-house, it does lead companies towards restructuring every few months and this puts unnecessary pressure on the business as it remains in a constant state of change.

We have extensive experience of redesigning teams, departments and companies across several sectors. We have also supported the creation of new company divisions from design to implementation phase and merged business units together to improve efficiencies.

Lead change management programmes

Change management isn’t as painful as it sounds. We are equipped to help to manage these changes with your team. It’s all about communication and ensuring that the right process and procedures are in place to make the business operate at its maximum potential. It’s not all about process and procedures though – the most successful businesses know that it’s about the people, which is where we come in.

Manage office or team relocations

Not everyone is happy about you buying a nicer office in another part of town. We have worked with several clients to relocate staff following a change of office location or through the amalgamation of existing offices. This proves to be an emotive change so let us help you to take the ‘sting’ out of the emotion. Communication is key and we can help you engage with the staff to get them on board and to ultimately ensure that they want to stay with you. It is all about being reasonable and also compliant with contractual terms; let us help you to take the emotion out of moving.

Lead organisational design reviews

Clients will often come to us to express their frustration around the business simply not working effectively. We can conduct an organisational review which will quickly pinpoint what the key issues are and rest assured; whether its because staff are disengaged or the managers are ineffective, everything is fixable and no doubt we have fixed it before.

Creating the right leadership team

We have extensive experience in hiring new leadership teams, reviewing existing teams through ‘organisational reviews’ and helping to restructure the teams to ensure maximum business growth. Have you stepped back to assess how well your leadership team deliver? We have tried and tested, simple but effective processes that can help you to make this as objective as possible. We can help you assess the quality and potential of your key people and our training and development business “HunterEdge” can help you address the skills gaps that will help your team to perform even better.

As businesses grow a common issue is that the team who could deliver £5m maybe aren’t the right team to deliver £20m. We can help to identify where training and coaching can be the right intervention or when you simply need to “high grade” the position and hire someone with the next level of experience and skills.

We have a market leading coaching practice that can help take your people to the next level of their leadership capability helping ensure that you have successors in place to support the company growth.

Mergers & Acquisitions (and Due Diligence)

Whilst a vast amount of growth may be organic, we have extensive experience of leading the people aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions.

There’s value in having commercial HR input into acquisition decisions. It is key from the outset that any risks and issues are highlighted through due diligence. This will not always be identified in commercial due diligence processes which tend to focus more on the numbers.

We can help you assess the caliber of the team that you are acquiring, identify risks and liabilities in the target company and understand the culture of the business as ultimately you will never want to damage your existing culture. Most M&A challenges tend to be people related and this is where we come in. This way by the time you get to signing the “Sales Purchase Agreement”, you will have all the facts you need to make an informed decision.

With new employees comes an expectation that you will be a great company to work for and that their transition to you will be seamless. Let us help you retain the team so you can continue to grow.

Our team have led some of the biggest people related mergers in the market with great results, it takes planning, preparation and an ability to put an employee hat on. Let us take that pressure away from you whilst you focus on managing the integration and the clients.

Transitions (TUPE), Integrations and Harmonisation

Our team have collectively transferred tens of thousands of employees over the past decade across several sectors, from SME firms to FTSE 100 companies.  Whether the business is applying “T.U.P.E” or not due to the nature of the acquisition we can support you to ensure that you retain the key staff in the business with an effective transition strategy.

Our programme for TUPE which is tried and tested involves the following four key stages:

  1. Planning and Preparation: Collating the data, preparing the FAQ’s and Day 1 Communications
  2. Information and Consultation: Helps to engage the staff to ensure that the transition is seamless through a series of group and 1-2-1 meetings
  3. Transition: Involves the issuing of terms and conditions of employment (where appropriate) and the relevant transfer of employees to the new company.
  4. Review: Provides the opportunity to learn (throughout the process) with regards to what lessons have been adopted in the process.


We have integrated departments, teams and companies to drive towards building “one culture”. This will often include transferring employment and on occasion harmonising terms and conditions of employment amongst groups of the workforce. This can be a timely and costly exercise so by utilising schemes such as flexible benefits we can ultimately bring staff groups together whilst rationalising pay structures to align across your business.