How interim HR support can save you time and money

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An interim HR professional can be hired to manage a temporary project, plug a skills gap in the management team or resolve an issue. From administrator to director level, an interim can come into a company to advise and provide support where needed, with the advantage of an objective view.

A lot of the time businesses look to recruitment agencies to fill temporary positions – but this can be very expensive. Time is also a major issue within companies, as recruiting the right staff is very time consuming and many managers simply don’t have enough of it to spare. Hiring an interim HR or recruitment professional could save both time and money while delivering proven results.

Read on to find out how hiring an interim from Hunter Adams can deliver cost savings and save precious time.

Competitive day rate

Whether you’re looking to cover a maternity leave vacancy or require a part time HR associate, bypass the high fees of a traditional recruitment agency. At Hunter Adams we charge a very competitive day rate without any hidden fees. In the past we have saved companies hundreds of thousands on agency spend.

Remove candidate selection

If you advertise the temporary role externally then you’ll have to commit a lot of time to hiring the right person, from selecting potential candidates to conducting interviews. If you need a vacancy filled fast then this is impossible. It can also be difficult attracting high quality candidates who are willing to work on an interim basis as the majority of these people are in permanent positions. Remove the entire recruitment process by trusting an interim HR company to place the right person in your business.

Commitment as standard

The problem with using a general agency is that the individuals are usually using the temporary contracts as a stop gap between permanent roles. Therefore if the staff member finds a permanent position while working for your company, they are going to leave the project unfinished – and you’ll be back at square one with a vacancy to fill. At Hunter Adams our employed interim staff members are offered an exciting career path and we’re a Times top 100 employer, so we know how to keep them happy and committed to each client’s project.

We are HR people hiring HR people, so we know what to look for and have a live stream of interim HR professionals ready for their next challenge. Email us today to discuss your requirements: