Conducting HR Audits to Assess Risks Against Legal Requirements

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There are vast amount of employment law in the UK which can lead to confusion for the owner/manager. 

We have a tried and tested HR audit which will help to identify whether you are legally compliant and rank non-conformances in order of priority.

HR Audits for Legal Requirements

As we have a full back office of HR contracts, policies and procedures we can rapidly help you to address any gaps in a cost effective way. The audit can take a matter of hours to conduct and then the work can be packaged up and delivered back within a short period.

As the laws change we can ensure you have the most current information that you need and help you with the practical implementation of any new legislation.

Our aim is to keep you legally compliant. We don’t scare our clients by suggesting that they may end up in tribunals, we implement procedures that address potential issues early to minimise disruption. If we work in partnership, we will keep you right with our no retainer, no insurance “bank of hours” model.

For more information on any of our services and HR audits and how we could help your business, please get in touch.