4 of 7: Face It

face it

Hunter Adams is launching Edging Ahead – a game-changing development programme aimed at existing and emerging managers who want to go from good to excellent.

We believe in sharing our expertise so we’ve designed this programme based on the themes we see from our ongoing research and the bespoke development programmes we design and deliver for our clients. The programme consists of 5 half-day modules, each delivered a week apart. Our first sessions will run in early 2016 in locations across the UK.

In my first blog I introduced the concept of Edging Ahead. In the next 5 I’ll introduce you to the content. Then we’ll announce dates and locations.

Workshop 3: Face It

The Challenge:

You want your team performing at their best. You also know that under performers affect your bottom line. You want to create a culture where people know how well they are performing and understand the impact of their performance on team goals. You are good at giving feedback, but want to be more focused and structured in the way you do it. You want your team to feel motivated to perform at their best and you want to be able to have the right conversations with staff to keep them motivated. Your people need to understand what they’re doing well and what they need to change to do better. It is crucial to summarise a project or piece of work in a way that helps employees understand their contribution to your team’s goals.

The Solution:

This workshop is designed to place knowledge, tools and techniques and experience together and push you on your way to giving excellent feedback to your team. We know it feels difficult doing this. But here is the reality: it might always feel difficult, but the more you give feedback using the right approach, the better you will become at it.

The Solution

During this session you will participate in a series of activities that will help you deliver clear messages to your team about their performance. Research shows that people want to hear how they can improve, more than they want praise. Research also shows that this is the type of feedback that managers mostly avoid giving. This session will give you the tools, insight and confidence to deliver crucial messages to your team to ensure that they perform at optimum levels.

You will walk away from this session with proven effective approaches to giving feedback. We will also help you understand the commercial meaning of getting this right. You will take away our calculator too. This will allow you to reflect the cost of managing people poorly. Or, as we like to focus on, the commercial value of managing people properly.

Tomorrow’s post will cover workshop 4.

Contact gary.paterson@hunteradams.co.uk for more information.