3 of 7: The Clear Path Forward

clear path forward

Hunter Adams is launching Edging Ahead – a game-changing development programme aimed at existing and emerging managers who want to go from good to excellent.

We believe in sharing our expertise so we’ve designed this programme based on the themes we see from our ongoing research and the bespoke development programmes we design and deliver for our clients. The programme consists of 5 half-day modules, each delivered a week apart. Our first sessions will run in early 2016 in locations across the UK.

In my first blog I introduced the concept of Edging Ahead. In the next 5 I’ll introduce you to the content. Then we’ll announce dates and locations.

Workshop 2: The Clear Path Forward

The Challenge:

You work in a complex environment. Priorities change, demands change, clients change. You want to make sure your people are always clear about why the team exists and how it should be operating. You want your team engaged. Because you know that’s when they start to deliver at their best. You want to be the type of leader who is engaging. A leader who sets the right path forward. Making it clear why your team are taking the chosen direction, how you will get there and what the plan of action is to make it happen.

The Solution:

During this session you will become crystal clear on the purpose of your team and you will be able to tell your team’s story well. By the end of the session you will be clear on where your team is going and how you will get them there. The game-changing activities your team need to focus on will also be clear and you will have a plan in place to deliver.

The Approach:

In this workshop you will participate in a range of activities which will help you to connect your team to what you are trying to achieve. You will develop a clear purpose for your team and have a set of objectives in place. You will also have a plan to deliver those objectives through your team. As well as this, you will take away an activity which you will run with your team to engage them. To connect your team to what needs to be done and build your clear path forward.

Tomorrow’s post will cover workshop 3.

Contact gary.paterson@hunteradams.co.uk for more information.