2 of 7: It Starts With You

it starts with you

Hunter Adams is launching Edging Ahead – a game-changing development programme aimed at existing and emerging managers who want to go from good to excellent. In this edition, we discuss how the change starts with you.

We believe in sharing our expertise so we’ve designed this programme based on the themes we see from our ongoing research and the bespoke development programmes we design and deliver for our clients. The programme consists of 5 half-day modules, each delivered a week apart. Our first sessions will run in early 2016 in locations across the UK.

In my first blog I introduced the concept of Edging Ahead. In the next 5 I’ll introduce you to the content. Then we’ll announce dates and locations.

Workshop 2: It Starts With You

The Challenge:

You have a picture of what good leaders do best. This session will help you take the first steps towards getting there. Being the best leader you can be needs to start with a solid understanding of yourself. Yes, you know what great leaders do. You also realise how far away from that picture you are. You’ll be naturally strong in some areas, not so strong in others. You know what keeps you awake at night and you know when you are at your best. You’re prepared to put in the effort required to be even stronger than you are already.

The Solution:

During this session we will increase your self-awareness and help you to explore where your strengths lie, where you will need to put in extra effort to succeed and where your biggest development gaps are as a leader. With these established we’ll look back to the role you perform and recognise the areas where you get results naturally, and where you will need to push yourself to achieve what you want.

The Approach:

During this workshop you will participate in a range of activities which will help you to identify where you make a positive impact as a leader already and where you’ll need to put in extra energy to achieve the results you want. You will have a view of what this effort could mean to you and your colleagues, and your business results.

You’ll walk away from this workshop with a personal profile which outlines the areas above. You will also have a personal development plan and an understanding of the benefits of working through this plan. This deeper understanding of yourself will be used throughout the rest of the programme to allow you to edge ahead. It all starts with you.

Tomorrow’s post will cover workshop 2.

Contact gary.paterson@hunteradams.co.uk for more information.