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We know you want your managers and leaders performing at their best. Hunter Adams offers bespoke and ready-to-go development programmes for managers and leaders at all levels in your organisation.

Our approach blends theory, practice and taking action to build skill and gain better results. We place emphasis on participants taking value-added areas from training and making these things work back at their workplace.

Training gets you so far. Taking tools, knowledge and approaches from training and making these work on the job is what gets results. We’ll help you get these results and show you the commercial benefits associated with leading your organisation properly.

Bespoke Management and Leadership Development

We understand that your business is unique and we know that a unique development programme will give your leaders and managers the edge that is required to make your organisation succeed and grow. That is why we offer bespoke development programmes.

Our team of leadership development experts will partner with you to define exactly what you want to achieve from a bespoke development programme. We will combine our up-to-date knowledge and creative practice to create a development programme unique to your business. We will capture your vision, company values, behaviours, processes, systems and objectives in the programme. We’ll use styles and learning methods that work for your organisation. We will identify success factors and measures up-front. Then we will deliver a development programme in the locations chosen by your business that resonates well with your people and gains them the skills, ways of working and behaviours that you desire.

We measure results and partner with you to determine the true value of investing in the development of your leaders. We deliver quality.

Ready-to-go Development: EDGING AHEAD:

Edging Ahead is a game-changing development programme aimed at existing and emerging managers who want to go from good to excellent. We believe in sharing our expertise so we’ve designed this programme based on the themes we see from our ongoing research and the bespoke development programmes we design and deliver for our clients. Edging Ahead is a development programme that fits with your schedule – and we use an approach that lets you build skill in stages. One that encourages you to take action back at your workplace, and recognise the impact and commercial value of this new action. You’re good already. This will make you even better.

Our programme consists of five workshops. Strategically spaced a week apart allowing you to consider and develop yourself and continue to run things at work at the same time. Our workshops provide the tools and methods, but the hard work starts afterwards – when you’re back at work making new techniques work. Rest assured, we’ll support you to get this right. Action back at work will gain you the results you require. Edging Ahead works equally well as a set of open workshops or in-house. In open workshops you get the benefit of building your network and sharing a development journey with people like you from different companies. An in-house version means you can develop with your colleagues and realise the benefits of your development in different areas in your company. We’ll also tailor the programme to fit your company. Differing approaches but with the same excellent result.

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WorkShop 1: It Starts With You

WorkShop 2: The Clear Path Forward

WorkShop 3: Face It

WorkShop 4: The Right Recipe

WorkShop 5: Shift Happens

Edging Ahead is available across the UK. Read below to discover more about each module. Click here to download the brochure. View our public workshops. Contact any of our offices to find out more about an in-house programme or public workshop booking.


Workshop 1: It Starts With You

The Challenge:

You have a picture of what good leaders do best. This session will help you take the first steps towards getting there.  Being the best leader you can be needs to start with a solid understanding of yourself. Yes, you know what great leaders do. You also realise how far away from that picture you are. You’ll be naturally strong in some areas, not so strong in others. You know what keeps you awake at night and you know when you are at your best. You’re prepared to put in the effort required to be even stronger than you are already.

The Solution:

During this session we will increase your self-awareness and help you to explore where your strengths lie, where you will need to put in extra effort to succeed and where your biggest development gaps are as a leader. With these established we’ll look back to the role you perform and recognise the areas where you get results naturally, and where you will need to push yourself to achieve what you want.

The Approach:

During this workshop you will participate in a range of activities which will help you to identify where you make a positive impact as a leader already and where you’ll need to put in extra energy to achieve the results you want. You will have a view of what this effort could mean to you and your colleagues – and your business results your business results.

You’ll walk away from this workshop with a personal profile which outlines the areas above. You will also have a personal development plan and an understanding of the benefits of working through this plan. This deeper understanding of yourself will be used throughout the rest of the programme to allow you to edge ahead.

Workshop 2: The Clear Path Forward

The Challenge:

You work in a complex environment. Priorities change, demands change, clients change. You want to make sure your people are always clear about why the team exists and how it should be operating. You want your team engaged. Because you know that’s when they start to deliver at their best. You want to be the type of leader who is engaging. A leader who sets the right path forward. Making it clear why your team are taking the chosen direction, how you will get there and what the plan of action is to make it happen.

The Solution:

During this session you will become crystal clear on the purpose of your team and you will be able to tell your team’s story well.  By the end of the session you will be clear on where your team is going and how you will get them there. The game-changing activities your team need to focus on will also be apparent and you will have a plan in place to deliver.

The Approach:

In this workshop you will participate in a range of activities that will help you to connect your team to what you are trying to achieve. You will develop a clear purpose for your team and have a set of objectives in place. You will also have a plan to deliver those objectives through your team.  As well as this, you will take away an activity which you will run with your team to engage them. To connect your team to what needs to be done. To gain buy in and commitment to succeed.

Workshop 3: Face It

The Challenge:

You want your team performing at their best. You also know that under-performers affect your bottom line.  You want to create a culture where people know how well they are performing and understand the impact of their performance on team goals.  You are good at giving feedback, but want to be more focused and structured in the way you do it.  You want your team to feel motivated to perform at their best and you want to be able to have the right conversations with staff to keep them motivated.  Your people need to understand what they’re doing well and what they need to change to do better. It is crucial to summarise a project or piece of work in a way that helps employees understand their contribution to your team’s goals.

The Solution:

This workshop is designed to place knowledge, tools and techniques and experience together and push you on your way to giving excellent feedback to your team.  We know it feels difficult doing this. But here is the reality: it might always feel difficult, but the more you give feedback using the right approach, the better you will become at it.

The Approach:

During this session you will participate in a series of activities that will help you deliver clear messages to your team about their performance. Research shows that people want to hear how they can improve, more than they want praise. Research also shows that this is the type of feedback that managers mostly avoid giving. This session will give you the tools, insight and confidence to deliver crucial messages to your team to ensure that they perform at optimum levels.

You will walk away from this session with proven effective approaches to giving feedback. We will also help you understand the commercial meaning of getting this right. You will take away our calculator too. This will allow you to reflect the cost of managing people poorly. Or, as we like to focus on, the commercial value of managing people properly.

Workshop 4: The Right Recipe

The Challenge:

Your team is clear on what needs to be done to succeed. You have the confidence and approaches to enable your people to perform at their best. But you know they want more and you know you need to offer more. You are aware of the bigger picture and you want to create the sort of environment where your people can grow in their roles and thrive within your organisation. Gaining and giving even more than before. You know that there are both commercial and career benefits to having the right culture. Yes, foosball tables and drinks on a Friday make people happy. There is more to it though and you want to invest the energy required to retain your people and make them even more engaged.

The Solution:

During this session you will build knowledge of the key ingredients to a great culture. You will develop ideas and a plan for the practical application of these ingredients. Applying these back at your workplace will allow you to take employee engagement up a level in your organisation. Collaboration, innovation, communication, career progression, and more. Getting these areas right can change the game for your team members. You will already know what works well and what needs to improve. This session will allow you to take your culture to the next level, in collaboration with your team.

The Approach:

During this workshop we will share with you the crucial ingredients that we know create an awesome culture. You will walk away from this session with a picture of your organisation’s current position against some key areas and have an action plan that will allow you to create the culture that will ensure your people are committed and engaged, whatever the market conditions. The approach we will cover can be applied at team level up to organisation level. How far will you choose to go?

Workshop 5: Shift Happens

The Challenge:

You work in an ever-changing environment. Client’s needs change, customer behaviour changes, markets move. You respond by releasing upgrades, new products and services, and restructuring to keep ahead. In addition you are required to deliver these new initiatives at the same time as you deliver business as usual. Doing nothing isn’t an option.  Times of change require greater leadership. It is critical to create a way forward that offers confidence in the future. Yes, it seems like change is about products, services, releases and structures – and to an extent, it is. But you also know you need people to deliver real change. Leaders who can connect their people to the changes required are the leaders who get the best results. Change is always about people.

The Solution:

Change programmes fail because people don’t understand what they need to do that is different, or why. When people aren’t engaged with the new changes, new changes are not delivered.  The fact that change has become more frequent doesn’t make it easier. Change itself is not the problem, resistance to change is the issue. Leading change is a competence that must be considered mandatory for managers. During this workshop you will experience a spark, a spark that could ignite change initiatives in your company and deliver them better than ever.

The Approach:

This workshop will give you the confidence to navigate yourself, your team and your business through change positively. You will come out the other side stronger and even more future proofed. During this practical workshop you will experience a successful approach to delivering change and use a current example to create a plan and set of steps that are relevant to you and can be applied during any change initiative. Your approach to communication will be solid, as will your approach to engaging your people to deliver.

Our leadership development experts also support a broad range of development initiatives. These include:

  • Design and delivery of mentoring programmes
  • Deliver performance and career development coaching
  • Design leadership competencies
  • Assess training needs
  • Provide e-learning solutions
  • Design and deliver supervisory training programmes
  • High potential identification and development
  • Succession planning design and implementation
  • Conduct diagnostics on capabilities of management and leadership teams
  • Provide visible career mapping
  • Build and deliver assessment centres
  • Conduct and coach on psychometrics and 360 feedback

For more information on any of our services and how we could help your business, please get in touch.