1 of 7: Edging Ahead… Get It?

edging it

You’re in a management or a leadership role now. You know what good leaders do and you want to be one. You know that being a good leader means you’ll get the best out of your team. When that happens is when you all start to deliver game-changing results and start edging ahead.

You might be in a start-up tech company, or running a team in a contact centre. You could be the MD of a services firm or running a complex department in financial services. Whatever sector you work in, you know that leadership is not about software stacks or services, structures and products. It’s not about your vorsprung durch technik. It’s about your people. Leadership is about people. Mostly.

Got it so far? Let’s go a step further.

You know where you need to go but you need a push to get you exactly where you want to be as a leader. We are offering you that push. Hunter Adams has 260 clients across the UK. We’ve created bespoke development programmes in lots of sectors. We also carry out continuous research. And we see themes.

So we’ve taken these themes and aligned them to development approaches that we know work. We are launching a game-changing development programme for people like you. A development programme that fits with your schedule, and an approach that lets you build skill in stages. One that encourages you to take action back at your workplace, and recognise the impact and commercial value of this new action. You’re good already. This will make you even better.

Our programme is five workshops long. Each half-day workshop is a week apart. This will allow you to develop and continue to run things at work at the same time. But let’s face it, you won’t be an expert in anything after a half-day workshop. The hard work starts afterwards – when you’re back at work making new techniques work. And we’ll support you to get this right. Action back at work will gain you the results you require.

The programme works equally well as a set of open workshops or in-house. In open workshops you get the benefit of building your network and sharing a development journey with people like you from different companies. An in-house version means you can develop with your colleagues and realise the benefits of your development in different areas in your company. We’ll also tailor the programme to fit your company. One approach is as good as the other.

This development initiative will launch early 2016 in a range of locations across the UK. Over the next five posts I’ll introduce you to each of the workshops. Then we’ll announce the dates.

At Hunter Adams we call our learning and development stream The Hunter Edge. We call this development programme Edging Ahead.

Contact gary.paterson@hunteradams.co.uk for more information.