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Defining & embedding company values

Our team have first hand knowledge of the value you can create in your business by not just developing values but also embedding them into your business.

Are your company values nicely designed and posted on every wall in the office? Sadly that isn’t what helps to create a great culture, so perhaps we need to look deeper. Staff need to know what their leadership team stand for as otherwise they may assume it’s purely profit that drives them.

Too many organisations fail to involve the right people in creating values. If you as a leadership team create the values alone in your offices, staff may struggle to buy in.

So creating the right values for your organisation takes a bit of time and a lot of engagement. If done correctly these will form the backbone to your culture.

Values are a bit like a diet though – any bad habits and your progress can be destroyed. One of the most commonly asked questions is “How do you embed company values”. The answer is your response to the following question: If your best sales person in your company breaches the values daily do you dismiss them if all attempts to address it fail. Many struggle to answer that question honestly.

There’s plenty of evidence that an engaged workforce with embedded values provides significantly higher returns to shareholders. So companies make more profit when their people are engaged. When you try to engage staff just because you want more profit however, it never works, it must be part of the DNA of the company or bad habits will return.

Our values


People are our business

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We work with the highest integrity

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Quality is integral to everything

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We will work in partnership

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ComerciallyFocusedCommercially focused

We are commercially aware

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SolutionsDrivenSolutions driven

We are business catalysts

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