Planning and Delivering Headcount Reduction Programmes

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Inevitably this will lead to the requirement for communication, frequently asked questions, consultation and when appropriate liaison with recognised trade unions.

As we offer all HR under one roof we can provide you with all of the support you need to ensure you comply with the law and retain the staff who remain in your company.

Headcount Reduction

In terms of reducing headcount, this is an area of high risk for clients. We need to ensure we have a fair process to ensure you achieve the outcomes you need. We can help to identify the selection pools, create a fair selection process, conduct the assessments and manage the consultation and subsequent termination processes.

No one enjoys doing this. We understand that its often the worst thing that managers have to do in their careers so let’s do it properly and ensure that the investment in building your culture is not destroyed. Our aim is to ensure the process is managed fairly and equitably and whenever possible to try to support your team to find new employment.

Managing Consultation Processes

Employment Law in the UK, aimed at protecting employees, means we have to follow a process when we are reducing headcount. We have to furnish the employees with a sound business case for change, information about the process and timeline, selection criteria and eligibility for redundancy payment.

Many companies fall foul of the law because they don’t know the process to follow and that’s where we come in. We will not tie you up in process but will offer you no nonsense commercial HR support to make the changes that you need.

Consultation isn’t limited to recession. You may need to close a base as you merge sites together or through restructuring find that certain positions are no longer required in the company – let us help you do this legally, fairly and sensitively.

We will discuss your ultimate objectives and design a plan to manage this in the time required (and in line with reasonable consultation under UK Employment Legislation)

We will help by drafting communications, frequently asked questions, electing representatives, calculating redundancy payments and leading the group and individual consultation meetings.

In some cases our clients just need additional HR support on site to help facilitate the number of consultation meetings, so the news gets to everyone within a short timeframe. We can provide this service via our interim HR offering.

Representing your Company with Trade Unions

Overview and detail of how Hunter Adams can help represent companies with the trade unions

Our team have experience of working with various recognised and non-partner trade unions. Over the years we have informed, consulted and negotiated with trade unions on terms and conditions, working time regulations and all aspects of employee relations.

Trade unions can be a very helpful vehicle for ensuring all staff are kept up to date with the process so you can discharge your duty of “meaningful consultation”.

We are happy to act as your representative with your trade unions to work in partnership to secure the right outcomes.

For more information on any of our services and how we could help your business, please get in touch.