Webinar – Psychological Safety: The key to wellbeing, performance and growth?

**This event has now taken place. For details of our next webinar taking place in September 2022 please email us at team.admin@hunteradams.co.uk

Kicking off our Employee Experience 2022 webinar series, we are delighted to invite our network to attend this free, one-hour session on psychological safety in the context of wellbeing and performance at work.

Psychological safety has been described as the essential soil for organisational growth, but how can you create the right conditions within your team?

Speaking at this Hunter Adams-facilitated webinar will be Gary Paterson, Fearless Organization Scan accredited practitioner; and Louise Scott, a psychotherapist specialising in mental fitness in the corporate environment.

Gary is a Learning and Development Director with over 20 years’ experience working with fast growth global companies and leadership teams. He specialises in leadership and management development, team and board effectiveness, skills, cultures and values, working with a range of clients across multiple sectors across the UK and Europe.

Louise is a psychotherapist, CBT therapist and Mental Fitness coach. She brings a unique skillset that combines over 25 years industry experience in Human Resources and Mental Health to deliver workplace mental fitness and wellbeing to businesses of all sizes.

Louise centres everything she does around improving organisational performance through mental fitness. She provides quantifiable evidence about the mental and emotional capacity of your people, to back her clients’ investment in mental health.

In our webinar, Gary and Louise will discuss the concept of psychological safety – both in teams and individually – within the workplace using illustrative examples and case studies to bring the topic to life. With practical take-aways, the webinar will leave participants with a series of clear points to consider which will allow them to progress towards a culture of psychological safety in their own organisations, enabling their people to feel comfortable speaking out and being themselves at work.

To register please visit https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/275554469837

If  you’re interested but unable to attend, please email us at team.admin@hunteradams.co.uk to request a recording of the webinar after the event.