Being a Hunter Adams HR Advisor

Hunter Adams is hiring! We’re currently looking for a superstar HR Advisor to join the team, based either in Aberdeen or Edinburgh.

So what’s it actually like working for Hunter Adams? Here one of our HR Advisors, the lovely Emma Fergusson, talks about her role with Hunter Adams, what she loves about it and the experience it has brought her.

You can also watch the video of Emma’s interview here –


Hi, I’m Emma Ferguson. And I’m a HR advisor with Hunter Adams. I’ve been with Hunter Adams about three and a half years now, and it was my first ever HR career job. I joined as a HR administrator while I was still studying at university and I’ve loved it ever since.

What do you love about working for Hunter Adams?

There are so many reasons that I love working for Hunter Adams. I think the main one probably needs to be the team of people that we’ve got around us. Everyone at Hunter Adams is the best support network that you could possibly have. And I think the second one needs to be the variety of projects that I’ve experienced within my time at Hunter Adams. So this opportunity that I don’t think I would’ve ever experienced anywhere else and it keeps challenging me and it’s always something new. And I love that.

You joined Hunter Adams early on in your HR career – how would you describe the experience you have gained in that relatively short space of time?

I think I was actually quite naive to what consulting was in the first place when I first started with Hunter Adams. And I was definitely naive to how much it could actually benefit my career. The experience that I have gained at Hunter Adams in the last three and a half years has been incompatible. The industries that I have gotten to work with, so that’s been oil and gas, retail, third sector, technology, lots of different SMEs, just to name a few. And the different projects that I’ve gotten to be involved in as well, whether that be specific kind of two pay projects, reward projects, employee life cycle, generalist projects. They have all taught me so much. And I think what consulting has taught me and has allowed me to do is gain experience from various different organizations and understand how the same process can be applied in so many different ways. And I think that helps me because it allows me to show clients different ways of doing things, challenge when appropriate, and bring new ideas and different ways to the table.

What would you say to anyone who’s unsure if the world of HR consulting is for them?

I think if anyone is considering getting into consulting, you feel like you’re up for the challenge and you want something new and exciting, then absolutely take the plunge and go for it. The best thing about doing it with Hunter Adams is that Hunter Adams really care about your career progression and career development. And you’ve got that team of people there in the background to support you. We’re all within that network. And you never feel like you’re alone. So if you’re struggling, if you don’t know the answer to a question, there is a team of people there waiting to help you in the background. And if we’re still not sure, then reach out to Hunter Adams and we’ll absolutely be able to tell you what kind of opportunities that we’ve got available and help you make that decision.