Dispelling the myths around interim HR support

We caught up with our Founder Dean Hunter to ask him about interim HR support, in particular we asked him to dispel some of the common myths surrounding this.

In your eyes, what makes using Hunter Adams HR interim support a no-brainer?

Here are just some reasons why it’s a good idea to use an interim from us:

\Most of our interims are permanent members of staff, managed by us, meaning they won’t be looking for other work when they should be focusing on delivering for you.

\All of our HR interims have been hired by HR people – so they’ve undergone a rigorous recruitment and competence selection process process. They wouldn’t work for us if they weren’t at the top of their game.

\For us it’s also about ‘chemistry’ – giving you the right fit for your business culture.

\They have access to a much wider team of experienced HR professionals – so even if they haven’t dealt with a certain situation before; they can undoubtedly speak to someone who has.

They have access to the Hunter Adams back office support of tools, templates and processes – meaning they save considerable time not having to reinvent the wheel.

Some people are under the impression that interims are very expensive?

This is simply incorrect – our interim day-rates are highly competitive and lower than most people think. Particularly now that many people are working from home, companies have realised that they can easily source their HR interim support remotely from anywhere in the UK, so for London and other major cities this means a considerable saving can be made.

Many believe you can’t hire an interim for a very short or very long period of time?

Again this just isn’t true. We can – and do – provide interims for any assignment duration – from 1 day to 1 year and beyond. Some clients buy a number of days’ support and some want an initial period of a few weeks or months. Some extend, some don’t. As every client is different, we are naturally super flexible.

Many people don’t think an interim would come in and roll up their sleeves?

Another myth, I’m afraid! The fact is our interims are highly diligent and certainly not afraid to get their hands dirty – if they didn’t have this mentality they wouldn’t be part of Hunter Adams! They hit the ground running and they don’t stop until the job is done. Interims tend to be focused on the experience rather than things like status so whilst some of the team may be senior, they also will do their admin and roll their sleeves up. A lot of what we do is day to day HR which is simply delivering whatever is needed. There is an old adage about consultants, that they write a report and leave you to do all of the work. Our team actually get the job done.

So why would someone hire an interim?

Interim is a great way to cover a period of maternity leave, to manage a project, or to simply secure another pair of capable hands to help your team through a busy period. Or, if you’re in the process of finding someone permanent for the role, one of our interims can fill the gap to ensure a seamless handover.

And why would they get them from Hunter Adams?

Our offering is flexible and we are very competitively priced. We don’t tie our clients into long-term binding contracts – they work with us because they want to – we’re a pretty awesome bunch and very easy to work with!


To discuss your HR Interim requirements with Dean feel free to get in touch with him at dean.hunter@hunteradams.co.uk