Top Reasons to Hire Interim HR

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At some point, every business will have a need for an interim professional. Managers have to decide whether the long in-house recruitment process is worth the time, money and effort, or whether a consultancy firm is the most affordable option. When it comes to HR, it can be exceptionally difficult to find and retain talent. That leaves many businesses with a gap in one of the most crucial departments of the company.

Many people assume that interim employees are only for illness cover or maternity cover, or that they are someone to ‘plug the gap’ whilst the normal team have their hands full. But that’s simply not the case. Many interim HR managers are brought into companies for their specialist knowledge of specific scenarios, and their presence is on a project basis. Interim agencies are full of talented individuals who enjoy the variety of working with different brands and businesses, and applying their knowledge across a wide range of situations and people.

HR is such a crucial role for any business, that finding an interim option with the skills to successfully manage a situation or project, is critical. It can also be a lengthy process – but that’s where an interim advisor from a specialist company can help. 

What can an interim HR manager help with?

As the business grows, it’s up to you. But many companies bring in interim HR managers Clients to take ownership and manage the delivery of a specific project or task. This could be:

  • The interim HR manager may fill highly specialist skill gaps within existing teams, for a certain task or recruitment in a certain area. 
  • They may be brought in to solve specific problems or disputes, and may have previous experience with this. 
  • They may be brought in to strategise company initiatives and help deliver these to the company. 
  • They may be brought in to consult on mergers or company acquisitions 
  • They may be a specialist in the more difficult areas of HR, such as redundancies. They may manage the redundancies outside of the normal HR team, especially in sensitive or controversial circumstances.
  • They may cover vacancies for maternity, secondment or illness. 
  • They may manage the introduction of a new software system or strategic process.

Having someone qualified and external to add value in this way to your HR team can help save time, resources and mistakes too. An interim HR manager will come equipped with the knowledge and experience you need, so immediately you know your business is in safe hands.

Whilst interim managers are not a permanent solution, they’re a solution that gets you the right person for the first time, and means whoever you bring onboard can hit the ground running.

Take a look at some of these reasons why hiring an interim is the perfect solution for the short-term.

1. Hire an Expert

You wouldn’t mess about with your own IT or accounts so it’s always best to hire an expert for HR too. There are intricacies in HR that many people aren’t aware of, and hiring an expert is always recommend no matter how big or small your business is. Even hiring your own staff may lead to situations where you don’t have the expertise and skills to support them or answer their questions as they work to increase your business’s profitability.

You will not maximise your company growth without the right fundamentals in place; this is why so many managers spend hours on the phone daily fire fighting people issues.

2. No long term commitment

Hiring an interim HR specialist is the way to support the business without making a long term commitment to hiring a new employee or to the consulting firm. If the budget won’t stretch to a new full time staff member, an interim can plug the gaps until you’re ready to make the hire. It’s also a great option for short term cover, such as maternity cover, sick cover or in the event of an employee resignation. So ask the question will you need this person long term or are you likely to need a blend of skills?

3. Gives you time to do the right thing

If you’re hiring someone senior, these positions can naturally take longer to fill, especially as the talent pool is much smaller. You’ll also want to give yourself time to get it right the first time, especially as hiring the wrong people can be expensive and a drain on resources.

An interim HR manager can ensure that crucial tasks are overseen and managed correctly whilst you take your time to find the ideal permanent candidate. You could even ask your interim manager to help you recruit for the position too – as they will know what skills to look for.

4. Ongoing training and career development

Interim professionals are constantly updating their skillset and taking part in training courses. If you hire from a trusted company which looks after its employees, you can rest assured that the staff member will be well trained and well rewarded. As interims are constantly working on new projects, they will be able to apply a range of knowledge and bring a new perspective to the business. This is great because it means you can trust the interim manager from the get-go.

If you have junior members on your team, exposure to someone more trained and more senior (such as a good interim manager) can also be hugely beneficial and teach them new skills and approaches.

5. Flexibility

In your business you are likely to need recruitment, training, pay and benefits and some strategic HR support. You will never find these skills in one person so interim consulting can offer you a combination of different skills from the same company without having to hire a full team yourself. One size doesn’t fit all and no one HR professional can cover the bases.

6. Cost effective

Hiring an interim staff member is always a cost effective option. You’ll be able to side-line the growing cost of hiring a new employee, which includes searching for talent, interviewing and the commitment to a salary, pension and company benefits. You only have the interim when you need them, so it’s an ongoing cost you can easily manage.

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