Helping businesses scale up

At Hunter Adams we thrive on supporting our clients’ growth, and we believe that tapping into and helping to improve an organisation’s culture and values is a way to make this happen quickly.

We recently worked with our client Doherty Associates in London to assess its culture and find out how people felt about working there; ultimately enabling the management team to make proactive changes which will result in increased engagement and retention going forward.

Scaling Up Businesses

CEO Terry Doherty said:

“As our business grows, we know that scaling means having the right people structure in place. We have always valued long term relationships with our people, and as we develop, more attention is needed to ensure that our team remain engaged for the long term.

“We asked Hunter Adams to support us with their growth and culture programme to identify what we do well and where we need to improve. They even helped action plan our way forward.

“We have clear strategic objectives for the company and understand the fundamentals that we need in place to scale up. We also understand our culture better and exactly how our people feel about working for us. Hunter Adams delivered their engagement in a couple of weeks.”

Fundamentals of Growth

We work on the basis that there are six key fundamentals of fast growth:

  1. Fully embedded values
  2. Having the right operating model in place
  3. Accountability, resulting from a clear sense of roles and responsibilities
  4. An engaged leadership team
  5. Engaged staff
  6. A clear business strategy and an action plan in place to achieve this

Of course these principles can only be effective if your products and services are of interest to the market, are of quality and are competitively priced.

They are also inter-dependent – so think of it like a linked chain: when one piece is broken or absent the whole chain falls apart. So before you decide to have a strategy you really need to be willing to take the time to work on these other areas. It sounds like a huge amount of work but typically the basics can be assessed and a plan put in place to embed them over a period of just a few weeks – not months.

So put the fundamentals in place and prepare for advanced growth as you scale up.

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