Redundancies: are you really saving yourself time and money?

As we’ve said from the start if you have explored every form of cost reduction and have no option but to reduce headcount, let’s do it right.

All too often, people decide to initiate a redundancy process themselves without HR involvement. This is of course understandable, as you’re only making redundancies in the first place because you need to save money. But this is a hard enough time for employees, so a fair and clear process will make all the difference.

Failing to secure expert HR support means HR consultants, or even worse, lawyers, need to unpick the process you’ve started. Sometimes it’s simply too late to backtrack. This ultimately costs you more.

If you don’t have the HR skills in house, then consider sourcing expert HR support – even if it’s for a few days – to help you get the process right the first time.

An HR Professional Will:

  • ✔ Support the planning process
  • ✔ Help you manage all communications right so that people know why, when and how etc.
  • ✔ Help you draft your business case for change – you may need this later
  • ✔ Support the consultation process, meaning that you follow the law but also remember there are people involved
  • (the latter is so important!)
  • ✔ Provide advice and guidance throughout the process, for instance helping you answer all the questions you will undoubtedly receive with the right
  • (and legally compliant) answer
  • ✔ Help to manage the financial (severance) and documentation part of the process
  • ✔ Help to ensure that employees leave the business feeling respected
  • ✔ Help to select employee representatives and/or consult with trade unions
  • ✔ Keep you on track with the process and timelines
  • ✔ Help to find the employees new opportunities, through cost-effective outplacement support
  • (optional, but it’s always good to consider offering this if you can)

In short, making sure you have HR involved from the outset saves you time and money.

Plus it means you can be sure you’re getting things right first time around and not having to backpedal to fix mistakes, which could end up costing you even more.

Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can support any changes you need to make in your organisation to sustain the business in the long term –

We’re always happy to take the time to chat things through with you before you commit to anything.