Raising the Profile of HR: 3 Benefits of Refocusing HR Operations

HR administrator, Refocusing HR Operations

Many HR people suggest that they are not there as a support function – which is incorrect. You have to get the basic fundamentals right in order to partner with the business and get into a strategic place which works for both the HR department and management. The problem with many HR departments is that they are too inward facing – too much focus on strategies to improve the HR function. While improvement is always good, it is often at the cost of delivering what the business actually requires and ultimately what the clients need.

It’s time to stop naval gazing and perfecting HR, and ensuring that everything the function does has a commercial edge which in turn will drive profitability or cost reduction. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up three major benefits of refocusing the HR operations to become more in line with the business strategy.

1. Potential for growth

When HR gets it right, businesses flourish and grow. This is because a business-orientated HR department seek to ensure the costs of recruitment are kept to a minimum which allows cash to flow to other areas of the business. A good HR team attracts and retains talent, and these valuable team members keep clients happy and coming back. With the right people, businesses experience growth.

2. Workforce engagement

Did you know that there is an additional £26bn available to businesses in the UK if we engage our workforces? The key is getting your staff to work harder for you, voluntarily. An engaged worker is more productive so imagine if all of your employees were engaged in their roles. A HR department which is focused on the business recognises the commercial element of employee engagement and seeks creative ways to tap into this widely underestimated asset.

3. Greater collaboration

HR teams and management/business owners face lots of challenges working together. Traditionally, they have different aims and HR is often criticised for fire-fighting the business. It doesn’t have to be this way, and by refocusing the HR function you can both work together seamlessly to achieve common goals. Decide on action plans, and teams should always sell their HR strategy in terms of making or saving money. Yes, HR has the capability of developing your greatest assets, your people – but what are the commercial advantages of this? The need for greater collaboration between HR and the rest of the business is great, and once we’re working together more efficiently all parts of the business will benefit.

Remember – you raise the profile of HR by delivering what the business actually needs, not what HR believe they need to do. Find out more about Refocusing HR Operations by emailing team.admin@hunteradams.co.uk