What Makes a Great Leader?


As a business owner, being an effective and inspiring leader is essential – but you also need to commit to creating great leaders within the company. After all, you are leading the business forward but it is senior management who are leading the people. And it is your people who are the face of the business and keep it running every single day.

Good leaders create productive, high-achieving staff – some of which may go on to become leaders or managers themselves. It is essential that leaders at all levels are increasing engagement levels, as 34% of the payroll bill is wasted on disengaged staff. This is why having exceptional leaders on your team is crucial for any business, and investing in leadership training is always worthwhile.

So what makes a great leader? Here are just a few of the fundamental qualities needed to be an inspiring leader people like to follow.


A good leader is passionate about everything they do, and motivates passion within others. It is important to show a level of hunger for reaching goals, and a desire to do all jobs well. Can you think of an exceptional leader who did their job without passion for it?


It is really important to build a culture of optimism in a management position. When the team is led by positivity, anything is possible. If you can instil positive thinking even at the hardest of times, you’re a great leader.


Some people find it very hard to be patient, but it is an essential leadership skill. Whether patience is required with clients or with staff, it can be the answer to many challenging situations. Being patient with employees as they are learning new procedures is especially important.


A good leader plans ahead and plans thoroughly. What action will they take today if half of the team call in sick? Twelve months from now, where will they be able to cut costs? Planning is essential in all aspects of business but managers need to be concise planners. They should have clear HR strategies and plans in place for retaining their people for the long term, so you’re not constantly spending money and time on training.

The 4 Ps are a great place to start when it comes to leadership – but great leaders are always evolving and improving. Find out more about our management and leadership development programmes.