Eilidh Robertson – Five Things That Changed My Life

Eilidh Robertson is our Head of HR Interim & Recruitment. We asked her to name five things that changed her life – here’s what she said:

1. Wise women

I’m incredibly lucky to come from a line of wise and wonderful women including an entrepreneurial Great Grandmother who opened a book shop in Campbeltown in 1901, a Grandmother who was a City Councillor in Glasgow (one of only 2 women at the time) and, my own mother who once told a sexist hiring manager where to stick his job, not to mention downing a pint to prove a point.   I’m also friends with and have worked with many amazing women, having these role models in my life is a great source of strength.

Image above: Four generations of Eilidh’s family – the baby is her Grandmother 

Image above: Eilidh’s Great Aunt in her Great Grandmother’s book shop (photo credit: Linda McCartney – @lindamccartney on Instagram)

2. Caravan in Kintyre

Every summer I spend as much time as I can at our wee caravan by the beach in Kintyre.  I’ve been going to this same secluded spot since I was 7, I just have to think about it and I feel relaxed!  Most of the “shore folk” (that’s other people who spend their holidays there too) have been going for generations, my family are on their 4th.   The ability to disconnect from busy lives and reconnect with nature, whilst also having great craic with Farmer John and the other families who spend their holidays there, has a hugely positive impact on me.

Image above: A double rainbow at Eilidh’s caravan in Kintyre

3. Anxiety

At the very start of my career, I had a short period where I was suffering from work induced anxiety – fortunately, it was easily fixed with some sensible practical advice and a bit of counselling.  The lessons I learned during this time have changed the way I approach life and work.  I have a strong moral compass,  staying true to this is the key for me.

4. Having my daughter

Becoming a parent for the first time is always going to be life changing; having a daughter had an even bigger impact than I expected.  Becoming aware of the gender stereotypes that persist and persuade was incredibly eye-opening and were only reinforced when I had my son.  I also realised that I could achieve much more in less time and had to keep reminding myself that “time I enjoyed wasting, wasn’t wasted time”.

Image above: Eilidh’s son and daughter walking near their caravan

5. Gratitude

I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities I’ve had in life, for the love and support I have around me and also, for good health and the capacity this all gives me.  I get a lot of happiness from getting involved and volunteering; especially with things that bring people together and build community spirit like our village Gala Day and, our community owned cinema and pub.  I’ll take a moment, usually just before I go to sleep, to feel thankful for all the good things in my life.

Image above: Eilidh and the Dunlop Gala Day team