6 of 7: Shift Happens

shift happens

Hunter Adams is launching Edging Ahead – a game-changing development programme aimed at existing and emerging managers who want to go from good to excellent.

We believe in sharing our expertise so we’ve designed this programme based on the themes we see from our ongoing research and the bespoke development programmes we design and deliver for our clients. The programme consists of 5 half-day modules, each delivered a week apart. Our first sessions will run in early 2016 in locations across the UK.

In my first blog I introduced the concept of Edging Ahead. In the next 5 I’ll introduce you to the content. Then we’ll announce dates and locations.

Workshop 5: Shift Happens

The Challenge:

You work in an ever-changing environment. Client’s needs change, customer behaviour changes, markets move. You respond by releasing upgrades, new products and services, and restructuring to keep ahead. You are required to deliver these new initiatives at the same time as you deliver business as usual. Doing nothing isn’t an option. Times of change require greater leadership. It is critical to create a way forward that offers confidence in the future. Yes, it seems like change is about products, services, releases and structures – and yes, to an extent, it is. But you also know you need people to deliver real change. The leaders who can connect their people to the changes required are the leaders who get the best results. Change is always about people.

The Solution:

Change programmes fail because people don’t understand what they need to do that is different, or why. When people aren’t engaged with the new changes, new changes are not delivered. The fact that change has become more frequent doesn’t make it easier. Change itself is not the problem, resistance to change is the issue. Leading change is a competence that must be considered mandatory for managers. During this workshop you will experience a spark, a spark that could ignite change initiatives in your company and deliver them better than ever.

The Approach:

This workshop will give you the confidence to navigate yourself, your team and your business through change positively. You will come out the other side stronger and even more future proofed. During this practical workshop you will experience a successful approach to delivering change and use a current example to create a plan and set of steps that are relevant to you and can be applied during any change initiative. Your approach to communication will be solid, as will your approach to engaging your people to deliver – that’s when shift happens.

My next post will announce the dates. Edging Ahead will launch across the UK in February 2016.

Contact gary.paterson@hunteradams.co.uk for more information.