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International HR

We have provided global HR support in most continents. We have been the first people in-country identifying resource pools, understanding the local laws and dealing with ministers of labour.

We have tried and tested checklists, policies, processes and have practical experience of starting up a project or a business in a new location. We have networks including some of the best HR professionals across the globe so we can be where you need us.

Whilst our team are UK based we have supported HR for our clients and employers in over 30 countries including:

The United States, Canada, Australia, Azerbaijan, Singapore, Norway, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Chad, Cameroon, Algeria, Tunisia and many more.

Our internal team have started up in over 30 countries (as former Directors in Global Corporate Firms) for various businesses and have the tools and process and local information available to help you. We also work to provide all international HR support to companies who have decided to outsource this in their entirety to us. So whether it’s a new office in Singapore or just some advice and guidance on pay and benefits or local employment law we can help.

Here are some of the specific areas that we can support you in.

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  • Lead new country establishments
  • Conduct HR audits to assess compliance in new countries
  • Facilitate and manage visa and immigration needs
  • Engage with public offices
  • Conduct contractual paperwork of assignment, including expats and local hires
  • Advice relating to repatriation
  • Develop employee handbooks relevant to individual countries
  • Develop nationalisation plans
  • Advice regarding International Employment Law
  • Advice relating to terms and conditions and local uplift allowances ensuring competitiveness
  • Support the mobilisation of employees
  • Advice relating to insurance requirements