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How we work with our SME clients (pricing)

Our “Commercially Focused” value means that we are conscious as we are spending your money that we have to add value, reduce your cost base and by doing that provide you with tangible benefits.

Each of our services is priced differently, benchmarked with the market – the more volume of work we secure from clients the more competitive we can be in our rates.

SME HR Packages

If you want to be able to budget for your HR and not receive monthly invoices here are some potential packages that may give you exactly what you need:

Our clients sign up to a two-year agreement. There is no requirement under the contract to provide us with work. We have no retainers and no management fees or insurance requirements so if you want high quality call off HR support or regular onsite support one of these packages may work for you.

During the year you may highlight additional support that you need and you can ‘top up’ your bank accordingly. We will keep you posted on the spend. If these packages do not meet your needs; then please call us and we will be happy to tailor what you need to fit your budget.

Our client site will be coming soon that will give you access to many tools and templates and some helpful “Frequently Asked Questions”. 

If you would like further discussion with one of the team to agree the right package for you either chat to an expert online or send us an email and we will get in touch to help.



Free Attendance at 1 Employment Law Update Per Annum (1 Person)

£150 Training and Development “Hunter Edge” voucher

If used for HR Support provides 20 hours

If you would like to discuss this package please contact us at [email protected]


Contact us to purchase


Silver package

10% Reduction in cost of Employee Engagement process

Free Attendance at 1 Employment Law Update Per Annum (2 Persons)

£250 Training and Development “Hunter Edge” voucher

If used for HR Support provides 45 hours

If you would like to discuss this package please contact us at [email protected]

Contact us to purchase


Gold package

12.5% Reduction in cost of Employee Engagement process

Attendance at 2 Employment Law Updates Per Annum (1 Person)

£500 Training and Development “Hunter Edge”

If used for HR Support provides 95 Hours or 12 days

If you would like to discuss this package please contact us at [email protected]

Contact us to purchase


Platinum package

20% Reduction in cost of Employee Engagement process

Attendance at 2 Employment Law Updates Per Annum (2 Persons)

£750 Training and Development “Hunter Edge” voucher

If used for HR Support provides 195 Hours or 25 days

If you would like to discuss this package please contact us at [email protected]

Contact us to purchase

Notes: These packages are based on clients signing up to a Hunter100 agreement. The consulting time is based on a Senior HR Advisor rates so total amount of hours will differ if work is delivered by a more junior or senior consultant. All rates are subject to signing up to Hunter100 terms and conditions. Terms and conditions are available from [email protected]. Hunter100 agreement is a 2 year agreement with no requirement for the client to provide the company with any work. All hours including travel time is billable to the client. We time write to 0.1 of an hour and therefore can provide a full audible trail of time billed. All banks of hours are prepaid prior to work commencing. This secures up to a 30% discount from our standard rates.

Value for Money

We discount our standard consulting rates by up to 30% when our clients agree to our Hunter100 terms. We also offer this discount to all third sector (Charity) clients.

Our standard consulting rates are competitive in the marketplace. The Hunter100 discounted rates really do provide value for money which means that good HR isn’t just for companies with huge budgets.

How To Budget For Your HR Services

Most of our clients like to be able to budget for HR services throughout the year and not on a project to project basis. This particularly helps in the case when you consider whether or not to hire an internal HR resource as your business grows.

External Support versus In-House HR

The benefits of having external support to deliver your HR needs versus hiring an internal staff resource are as follows:

Typically, HR professionals have a limited skill set focusing on either Resourcing, Employee Relations, Learning and Development or Compensation and Benefits.

Many HR professionals within SME’s do not have the strategic skills required to help you grow your business. You probably do not need someone strategic onsite full time.

At Hunter Adams, we can provide you with a blend of various discipline HR professionals at all levels of experience, to help you solve your people issues in a cost effective way. So for your £20,000 budget for the year, for example, you may want some strategic HR Director support one week and some recruitment support the next. This wouldn’t be so easy for you to procure directly from the market.

We are experts across the entire field of HR so you are receiving support from consultants who ‘hit the ground running’ and who have a team of 70 consultants behind them, connected through technology, that you can tap into for no extra cost.

We have a back office containing every policy, process and several tools that you may need. This saves time and money as nothing has to be ‘started from scratch’.

We’ve hired the best in the market so you can rest assured that the quality of our team is second to none

– whereas you probably don’t know who you are hiring into your business and hiring the wrong HR person can set you back months.

Our team is managed by us even though they may appear to be part of your own team. This is not a payroll only model, 95% of our people are staff, with full flexible benefits and a career path so we will be on your site regularly managing the team. If they have questions they will come to us for support, not drain your valuable time, like a new start internally would.

You are receiving Commercial No-Nonsense HR from us. We’re approachable, friendly and will help you to do what you need to do for your business, we won’t flash policies in front of you or prevent you from taking action. We will keep you within the law, and help you to make those tough decisions so you can focus on growing the business.

We will save you time and money. *see FAQ’s below

Ultimately there will be a time when you need a staff person on site due to growth and where this is the best thing for the business. We recognise this is the case and can truly partner with you to hire the right person for your business from our pipeline of hundreds of HR professionals across the UK who we have already interviewed and assessed.

Some frequently asked questions

Q. What Can I Use My Bank of Hours For?

A. Your discount under Hunter100 is for HR support of any level and any discipline. So for value for money your spend is best relating to HR support. You could use your bank of hours value to pay towards any of our services listed on the site, individual pricing for those can is available by contacting [email protected] or calling one of our office (link to offices)

Q. Which locations in the UK can you support.

A. We can provide commercial no nonsense HR support across the UK regardless of location. We have a mobile team of around 70 consultants and over 450 clients based across the UK.

Q. What if I need a specific project completed that I haven’t budgeted for?

A. We can amend the size of your bank at anytime and will provide you with a cost effective quote to deliver the support.

Q. What happens if I haven’t spent my “bank of hours” at the end of the year?

A. The bank of hours will last for initially 12 months, but we are generally happy to roll that over to the next year if you have not spent it.

Q. When do I need to pay for my bank of hours?

A. To secure the 30% reduction in standard rates the bank of hours needs to be purchased in advance of our work commencing. This means you will not receive any monthly invoices or ‘surprises’. We capture our time writing to every 6 minutes so can provide you with an auditable trail of the work completed should you require it.