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Conducting a cost review

Even in recovering or buoyant markets very few companies have the luxury of being able to avoid looking at ways to reduce costs.

It’s not always about reducing headcount. Cost savings can be made through streamlining processes and looking at efficiencies in ways of working.

The challenges in these situations can vary depending on your organisation.

Not everyone:

  • Is confident having that difficult conversation or has the expertise to ensure the legislation process is followed accurately.

  • Has the tools and templates in place to support change management processes.

  • Has the knowledge or experience on how to manage and support the remaining staff.

  • Can support the ad hoc peaks periods.

  • Can take an independent view on processes from an efficiency perspective.

Hunter Adams can guide you through the process to help you deal with the full range of people issues with a realistic approach.

We offer the following services:

  • Strategies to reduce absenteeism, employee turnover and recruitment costs.

  • Redundancy and redeployment programmes.

  • Company and department restructuring.

  • Merging business units together to reduce costs and create one team.

  • Coaching for new managers with enhanced roles.

  • Outsourcing non-value adding activities or those where efficiency can be realised.

Hunter Adams can provide one of our own HR experts on-site for an agreed period of time. Alternatively, if your company doesn’t require in-house support but would like to have access to our experts, we can offer that too. Our flexible approach allows you to pay for only the support you need, when you need it. Our rates and model can be tailored to suit your individual needs and budgets.