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Visible career path at Hunter Adams

Annually around one third of our team step up to the next level of career progression, so if you feel like you have more to offer please do get in touch

Interactive career tree

Our aim is to ensure that career development at Hunter Adams is second to none.

Over the past four years we have developed a clear approach to career development. We have a visible career path which is supported by a set of tools and resources which are all linked together and hosted in an interactive career tree. This is a web based portal where all staff can access everything that they need to progress in their careers at Hunter Adams.

We’re happy to share our approach to career development. Here is an overview of each of the resources we use and how they connect to career progression:

image of hunter adams career tree
Job Descriptions

Each role in Hunter Adams comes with a job description outlining the accountabilities and deliverables held in the role and the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to be successful in each role.

Competency Framework

Each role description is backed up by a technical competency framework. These frameworks outline in detail the knowledge and experience required for each role, at all levels. This provides clarity on the exposure and experience required to be successful in your current role, and in all roles across the Hunter Adams career tree.

Lominger Profiles

With the technical aspects of our roles covered by our competency frameworks, we use Lominger profiles to cover personal skills and working styles. This helps our consultants understand where their natural strengths are and where they will have to put in extra energy to succeed. We look at technical and personal profiles regularly to ensure our team are given the right support for the client work they are assigned.


We believe in regular conversations at Hunter Adams and our approach to performance management involves ongoing discussions between team members and managers. These are supported by our appraisal which captures our objectives, priorities, development plans and career and mobility plans.

Training Calendar

Our training calendar advertises our core development programme. We prioritise development based on the needs picked up during our regular 1:1 discussions. We also look for the biggest opportunities for development relating to our competency frameworks and Lominger profiles. We use a range of delivery methods and internal and external facilitators and our courses are available in our core locations – London, Central belt and Aberdeen.

Training by Level

This covers the bigger picture and offers our team a range of training interventions aligned specifically to each of our roles. We offer a range of self-service and scheduled training opportunities to all staff in all roles.

Job Opportunities

This section advertises the roles available to Hunter Adams team members. We advertise permanent and interim roles within Hunter Adams and within our client companies.

Mentoring Programme

Through our mentoring programme we match people across our business and agree individual development goals that aim to take our people from great to excellent in a range of situations.