Why We Volunteered to become Hunter Adams Wellbeing Ambassadors

At the beginning of this year Hunter Adams convened this group of employee volunteers to support the health and wellbeing of our team by designing and promoting internal initiatives.

They serve as key communicators of wellbeing activities and resources, contributing to a healthy workplace and culture at Hunter Adams.

We caught up with some of the Wellbeing Ambassadors to find out why they were keen to volunteer themselves – here’s what they said:

“I chose to become a Wellbeing Ambassador for Hunter Adams because I’m passionate about supporting and being there for anyone who might be having a bad day and just wants to chat it through. I’m a big advocate of a problem shared is a problem halved. After such a turbulent 18 months we need to remember that there is no such thing as normal. Not ever, and certainly not now.

“Finding happiness in every day is so important for your wellbeing – taking time out to recharge and reboot. After a busy week of working and life activities, I love to be outside with family and friends. Taking a walk together, breathing in the fresh air and chatting over your week is a great way to relax and unwind.”

– Candice Thompson

“I volunteered to become a Wellbeing Ambassador as it’s great opportunity to support the team in Hunter Adams in a different way, and to work with members of the team I wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to.  Hunter Adams already focus on the team’s wellbeing and the work the Wellbeing Ambassadors are supporting is an extension of this.

“The top three things that have kept me going through the last 18 months are: regular checks with HA team; learning to become a beekeeper; and walking – whether it’s been remote challenges, charity walks or hillwalking.”

– Lynn Corner

“I have always been aware of the importance of all-round wellbeing, however the last 18 months have shown me how the different areas of wellbeing, i.e. physical, mental, social, emotional and financial, can come together to create a happier life for myself. I wanted to become a Wellbeing Ambassador so I could share the tools and knowledge that I have gained with the wider team.”

– Emma Fergusson

“As a busy working mum, mental health and wellbeing has always been something I have been interested in. I know first-hand the importance of taking care of yourself and it is something I have tried to focus on more, particularly throughout the pandemic. When the opportunity came up to be a Wellbeing Ambassador for Hunter Adams it felt like a great fit for me.

“There are lots of things I do to support my own wellbeing, but my favourite thing is to jump in the car and head to the beach with my family. Seacliffs is our favourite – listening to the waves makes me instantly calm and there is nothing quite like fresh air with my favourite people to make me feel good.”

Jude Fletcher


Thanks to our Wellbeing Ambassadors for sharing their motivations with us – keep doing what you’re doing!