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We work hard to keep our clients up-to-date with recent changes. Our HR experts have over 500 combined years of experience covering all aspects of HR. We stimulate discussion through our thought provoking leadership and culture articles. Read more in our blog below.

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Where will you be when the tide turns?

So where will you be when the tide turns?

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Our 2016 UK Strategy

Our Strategy for 2016 is to be available to you regardless of your location in the UK; to help you resolve your people challenges.

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Growing Your Bottom Line in Recession

As business leaders we need to engage ourselves better to lead in bad times and not just good ones.


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people skydiving, Edging Ahead

// 7 of 7: Edging Ahead

A game-changing development programme aimed at existing and emerging managers who want to go from good to excellent.

company white water rafting, Shift Happens

// 6 of 7: Shift Happens

Client’s needs change, customer behaviour changes, markets move. You respond by releasing upgrades, new products and services, and restructuring to keep ahead.

company in snow activity, Right Recipe

// 5 of 7: The Right Recipe

Gaining and giving even more than before. You know that there are both commercial and career benefits to having the right culture.

group of skydivers, Face It

// 4 of 7: Face It

You want to create a culture where people know how well they are performing and understand the impact of their performance on team goals.

group of people on mountain top, Clear Path Forward

// 3 of 7: The Clear Path Forward

You want your team engaged. Because you know that’s when they start to deliver at their best.

mountain range, It Starts With You

// 2 of 7: It Starts With You

Being the best leader you can be needs to start with a solid understanding of yourself.

people skydiving, Edging Ahead

// 1 of 7: Edging Ahead… Get It?

It’s not about your vorsprung durch technik. It’s about your people. Leadership is about people. Mostly.

We offer all of our services across the whole of the UK.

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Leigh Stott, Managing Director
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  • North Region: North - Dundee
  • Mid Region: South of Dundee - Manchester
  • South Region: South of Manchester including London
Leigh Stott, Managing Director

Leigh Stott

Managing Director & Director - North Region

T: 01224 900 760

image of Hunter Adams staff member

Jennifer Marnoch

Head of - Mid Region

T: 0131 285 0420 / 0161 297 0001

an image of dean hunter

Dean Hunter

Founder - South Region

T: 0203 714 4930

  • North Region: North - Dundee
  • Mid Region: South of Dundee - Manchester
  • South Region: South of Manchester including London