Outplacement – FAQs

Some commonly asked questions about Hunter Adams’ outplacement support service:

Why don’t you offer online learning like some other outplacement providers?

We’ve seen the stats and we understand that less than 10% of people with access to online outplacement learning actually take it up. We deliver a personalised approach which focusses on individual goals and career outcomes and we make sure that each person we support has a clear action plan containing steps which will support them to find the next stages in their careers.

You use Strengths Profile as part of your offering – what is this?

Strengths Profile is a tool which assesses peoples’ strengths using a bank of 60 strengths measured according to performance, usage and energy. Combining these helps people to understand their realised strengths, learned behaviours, weaknesses and unrealised strengths. Strengths Profile also has a career guide which suggests career opportunities linked to realised and unrealised strengths. Strengths Profiles are unique to each person – it’s not a personality tool with colours or boxes or letters. We believe it’s a game-changer and we’ve had some excellent results and feedback from our clients.

What if people want a break after they leave our organisation?

We’re flexible with our packages and to an extent, we can offer our outplacement package to people further down the line. For one client, we have an agreement that allows individuals to commence their outplacement support up to 2 months after leaving the organisation.

What if I don’t provide outplacement support?

It’s your choice and it may come down to cost. However, think about the reputation of your organisation, what good outplacement support will say about your culture and leadership and, who knows what will happen in the future, you might need to re-hire some former staff members when markets pick up. And you’d want the best people to be keen on coming back, we would guess.

You can view our outplacement brochure here.

To enquire about outplacement support get in touch with team.admin@hunteradams.co.uk