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Executive Search

As part of our sourcing offering we are well versed in running comprehensive HR Executive Search campaigns, an approach taken for more senior hires.

We are experts in HR with a combined 500+ years of HR experience within the team. We also have 550 clients (across 30 sectors), many of which are HR directors, so we are very much in the know with who is who and who is great!

For senior positions, we like to take the process that little bit further. As HR Directors who came together to create Hunter Adams in order to offer commercial HR to businesses which would help them scale and increase profitability, we are best placed in the market to robustly select senior HR professionals. We are assessing not just on technical HR capability but business acumen, commercial awareness and so on. We want to know that a senior professional can help you make an impact on the bottom line and help you grow your business. That is why we say we are redefining HR.

Having built a pipeline of hundreds of senior HR professionals across the UK, we are in a position where we know our candidates. Not only have we followed the traditional recruitment process of screening them and interviewing them, we are able to competence them as HR directors ourselves and understand the value add that they will provide and also really check their track record.

Culture and chemistry is key for our clients – we build very strong relationships with our clients and get to know them. We understand who will fit where so we can create the perfect match.

Having the network, means that we move away from standard headhunting and move to short list in record time. We also do this at a cost below the market norm as it takes us less time to do it.

As an HR consultancy firm that offers executive search, we take the work away from the client. They are never flooded with long lists; we will often position who we think are the best couple of people in the market. By the time the individual is interviewed by the client, it is more of a culture fit and chemistry feel session.

Every HR director or senior HR specialist is different and so are their skill sets we have the capability to describe exactly where the individual will perform well and where there may be gaps. We separate the wheat from the chaff.

In our strategic business and HR consulting capacity, we get to understand the future of the business. It is important to us if international expansion is on the cards or mergers and acquisition activity – that way we can think ahead, so the  person that we source for you at executive level is a right fit in years to come.

So, if you are looking for a senior HR professional on a permanent basis for your team, regardless of sector, we are the place to come.

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