The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme – common queries

We’ve been advising lots of our clients on the government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) recently, and there are some recurring themes in the questions we’re being asked. Below we’ve highlighted the most common ones:

1. How should I communicate to my employees that we need to ‘furlough’ some or all of them, and what process should I follow?

2. We have two employees carrying out the same role and have designated them both as furloughed. One employee has agreed to be furloughed, the other has not. What should I do now?

3. We have an employee who is on long term sick – can they be furloughed, or do they need to be signed back as fit to work first?

4. Can my payroll provider process my CJRS claim for me?

5. What information do I need to make my CJRS claim?

6. We have an individual engaged through an Agency, can we designate them as furloughed?

7. An employee is working their notice and they are due to finish before the end of May. If I furlough them during their notice period, what do I need to pay them?

8. We issued a job offer to an individual prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. The individual has accepted the offer and we have confirmed their start date, but we now have no available work. Can I postpone their start date?

9. We have had an employee resign and leave the company after 28th February 2020 but they are yet to commence employment with their new employer. They have contacted us requesting they be re-hired and furloughed. Are we obliged to rehire them?

If you need help around any of the questions listed above, or if you have another question concerning the implementation or practicalities of the government’s CJRS; get in touch with us at, or contact your local office.